The Wisconsin Film Festival takes places annually in Madison, Wisconsin.

About the Wisconsin Film FestivalEdit

The Wisconsin Film Festival was established in 1999. The four-day annual event takes place each spring in about eight campus and downtown Madison theaters. The festival presents new independent film (feature, documentary, experimental), world cinema and new media; cultivates discovery through talks, panels, performances, and coffeehouse discussions with filmmakers; and showcases the work of Wisconsin filmmakers through juried competitions.

Festival MissionEdit

According to the Wisconsin Film Festival website, the festival aims to present high-quality, respectful screenings to its audience, and to:

  • Celebrate the cinematic arts with motion pictures that demonstrate artistic accomplishment and technical achievement;
  • Share the experiences and stories of other cultures around the world with substantial international programming;
  • Represent diverse voices, uncommon perspectives, and innovative ideas;
  • Highlight the work of local filmmakers and emerging talents;
  • Introduce audiences to films that wouldn’t otherwise be shown in the region, emphasizing that film is more than celebrity culture and box office numbers.

Festival SchedulesEdit

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