The apocalypse descends in The End Is Near

The End Is Near (2000) is the title of the Sloth section of Dancyger in the Dark (2000), a 16mm Advanced Film Production I group project made at Minnesota State University Moorhead in a class taught by Greg Carlson.

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Despite a series of outrageous incidents that happen all around him, a slothful man shows no reaction.

Production InformationEdit

The End Is Near is often referred to as Sloth, which was the sin represented by this movie. The credits as listed below are the ones that appeared in the original Dancyger in the Dark (2000) edit, and differ somewhat from the ones listed on Gag Films. The movie is one single, uninterrupted take, with special effects created by Dane Boedigheimer enhancing the end of the scene. The movie was shot at Woodlawn Park in Moorhead, Minnesota.



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