The Anniversary (2005) 9 min. 19 sec.

The Anniversary (2005) is a movie written and directed by Toby Jones. It was made as the final project for his introduction to film class at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and was screened before the premiere of AJ Goes to France on January 6th and 7th, 2006, at the Fargo Theatre.

It is loosely based on Toby's comic book Steve's Damn Life.

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Steve and Becky, two high school students, have been in a relationship for some time. When Steve's best friend Mel finds himself in a hard place and needing support, he turns to the hapless couple on the day of their anniversary. Torn between his desire to help his friend and his duty to assuage his girlfriend's needs, Steve is forced to not only deal with an uncomfortable and tense evening, but re-evaluate his priorities as well.

Production InformationEdit

The concept for this story originated during a discussion about sneaking buffet food to a non-paying guest at KFC. It was originally intended to be shot at KFC, but getting permission to actually make it there was impossible. In order to get the go-ahead to shoot at the Royal Fork, Toby had to speak with the owner of the company in Idaho, who expressed a hope that the project would somehow resemble Napoleon Dynamite.

Two cuts of The Anniversary exist. The official edit is 09:19 in length, but there is also an extended version that clocks in at 11:16.



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