Snakes (1991) is a short Super 8mm movie created by Southpaw Filmworks.

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Plot SummaryEdit

A typical skateboarding movie, Snakes featured some junior high schoolers from Moorhead riding skateboards and a ramp.

Production InformationEdit

The movie was a final project for Beginning Filmmaking taught by Ted Larson at Minnesota State University Moorhead in the spring of 1991. The best of the skateboarders broke his arm the week prior to the shoot, forcing him to drop out of the movie. Some of the shots included the camera at street level, mounted to a skateboard. At the public screening, John McDonough, who was invited by Ted Larson to critique the movies, told the director that the movie was average, and that the audio dominated the visuals.


  • Three unknown Moorhead junior high school kids


  • Greg Carlson.... Writer, Editor, Cinematographer, Producer, Director

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