An Extremely Fat Man, Part 1 (2007) 9 min. 54 sec.

Shipwrecked in Time (2007) is a series of movies/episodes by Toby Jones, Danny Davy, and AJ Thompson.

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Plot SummaryEdit

The title Shipwrecked in Time refers to a wily old sailor from 1634 who was caught in a time rift while at sea and ended up on land in present day. While the sailor appears in the series, it actually centers around the mostly fictional trials and tribulations of Toby Jones and Danny Davy.

  • Episode 1 - "An Extremely Fat Man"

Toby becomes enamored with a girl who lives in his apartment building, and goes to unsettling lengths to establish a connection with her. Meanwhile, Danny is enraged when he finds out that a respectable and attractive girl in a Radiohead shirt is spending time with their disgusting, obnoxious neighbor and vows to put an end to the injustice.

Production InformationEdit

The characters of Wave Guy and Radiohead Girl are both based directly on Toby and Danny's experiences at the Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington. They were both admiring an attractive girl wearing a Radiohead shirt several rows down, and were horrified to see her in a back-massage line with two jerks. Wave Guy was based on a ridiculous person who stood to the side of the crowd with a painted chest and large signs and tried to get everyone to do the wave for ten minutes at a time.



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An Extremely Fat Man, Part 1 at YouTube

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Shipwrecked in Time preview at YouTube

Photograph of the real Radiohead Girl in a back-massage line

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