Aasne Vigesaa enjoys some bread in She's Crafty

She's Crafty (1993) is a short music video created by Southpaw Filmworks and Rhymin' and Stealin'.

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A crafty thief robs the apartment of a young man she has just met.

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Interiors for the movie were shot at Snyder Film in Fargo, Dave's Market in Moorhead, and the Stratford Apartments. The music video assignment for a television production course taught by Virginia Gregg at Minnesota State University Moorhead, She's Crafty was set to the Beastie Boys tune of the same name. The bread eating sequence is based entirely on a misheard lyric in the song. Production team members misunderstood the line as, "I spent my last dollar to buy us some bread," when the actual lyric is "I spent my last dollar to buy a Sabrett." A Sabrett is a New York frankfurter, which is largely unknown to Upper Midwesterners. The final edit was finished by Greg Carlson and Dana Harris on November 6, 1993 at Snyder Film.



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