Save Yourself

Save Yourself (2004) is an unfinished movie project by Heidi Gustad.

Main DetailsEdit

Plot SummaryEdit

Completed portion: On a fall day, a girl is taking her morning jog when she sees an old enemy she once double-crossed on a deep-cover spy mission. She is soon kidnapped by this enemy's lackeys via force and chloroform. They put her in the trunk of their car.

The rest of the film would have occurred as follows: The lackeys take the girl to a basement and the enemy tortures her. During the torture sequence, it is revealed that the girl had gotten some information off of the enemy and used it against the enemy's interests. After they erase her memory, the lackeys drop the girl in the field where they kidnapped her months before. It is now winter time, and the girl's significant other finds her, bloodied and bruised, and takes her home.

Production InformationEdit

Save Yourself, a music video for the Jonny Lang song of the same name, was shot in the fall of 2004.



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