Sable Ligero (2005) 2 min. 15 sec.

Sable Ligero (2005) is a short movie created by Toby Jones and Heidi Gustad.

It is sometimes referred to as the first chapter of the John and Chaytee Saga.

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A couple must come to terms with their future and the little things they've kept from one another.

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Sable Ligero is a Spanish phrase roughly translating to "light sword," and is pronounced sahb-lay lee-hay-ro.

It was shown during the 2005 2-Minute Movie Contest during the Fargo Film Festival, where it won the third place award. It was also one of two films to be named Best Short Film at the 2005 Michigan State University Film Festival.

Sable Ligero's success has spawned two additional two-minute shorts featuring John and Chaytee. Mutually Exclusive, the story of how the two characters met, was completed in August of 2006 and will be entered in the 2007 2-Minute Movie Contest at the Fargo Film Festival. The third John and Chaytee movie is El Hoyo de Sarlacc (2006).

Sable Ligero was written and shot in three hours during one heavy February day in 2005.



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