From left to right: Matt Johnson, James Wood, Mike Graten, Ryan Speiss and Mikey Ward

Ressl X (Fake Trailer) (2002) is a short movie created by Tucker Lucas and Mike Graten.

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A trailer for a fake movie is shown, where the protagonist K-Jaxx assembles K-Jaxx's Agency of Ass Kicking to capture and eliminate The Ressl.

Production InformationEdit

Ressl X (Fake Trailer) was made when Jodi Barbie commissioned Tucker Lucas and Mike Graten to make a humorous video to show her Sociology students after their finals.

In the movie, references are made to three films shown to Ms. Barbie's Sociology class: My Dog Skip, Smoke Signals, and a documentary on the Donner party.

This fake trailer was later made into a feature length film.

The end battle sequence was filmed at Trollwood Park.



  • Tucker Lucas.... Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer

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