One in Nine

One in Nine (2006) is a movie written and directed by Mike Stromenger and produced by Kak Lee.

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The death penalty has been abolished and the punishment for murder, however slight, is life in prison. These two factors lead to a problem: prison over-population.

A solution is needed...

Prisoners in groups of nine are taken to an off-shore facility and locked in a room. There, supervised by an enigmatic Director and his brutish Assistant, the nine are forced to participate in a game that will reward the last one standing with a full government pardon.

The stakes are high and the reward great. But does the end justify the means? Only one will find out...

Production InformationEdit

A fundraiser screening of the movie was held on November 18, 2006 at the Fargo Theatre in order for the filmmakers to raise money to finish the audio. A brief article by Chris Jacobs discussing the movie appeared in that same week's High Plains Reader.



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