Ex-spouses Melanie (Marjorie Morris) and Bill (Paul Kelly) get re-acquainted in Music to My Ears


Poster for Music to My Ears (2006)

Music to My Ears (2006) is a 119-minute movie created by Christopher P. Jacobs with Mark Landa and Jenny Morris.

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Times are tough in modern middle America, and traditions are dying out. The city’s oldest movie house will soon be a parking ramp unless somebody can do something to save it. Supporters think they have the perfect solution—they’ll put on a benefit stage show to save the theatre. But nobody is prepared for what happens next. Not the aging theatre owners, the ambitious manager, the scheming banker, the mercenary real estate agent, the Broadway producer, the greedy ex-wife, the caustic choreographer, the old-movie nut, the pesky cute kid, or anyone else.

Production InformationEdit

Music to My Ears was co-produced by the Empire Arts Center and was shot largely at the historic Empire Theatre. The story and script were written during winter of 2004-05. Preproduction began in May 2005, with the bulk of shooting during July-August. Principal photography was completed in late January 2006. The movie premiered Thursday, February 16, 2006 at the Empire, playing through Sunday, February 19, and had encore showings March 26 and April 2, as well as closing out the 2006 Forx Film Fest in November. Repeat screenings were also scheduled to wrap up the 2007 Forx Film Fest and 2008 Forx Film Fest.



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A one-sheet for Dead Dogs appears on the wall in the theatre office scene. A one-sheet for Vengeance of the Sorceress appears on the wall in the "Peggy's apartment" scene. The photo that Brenda has of Bill Warren is actually a publicity photo of Paul Kelly for The Threat of the Mummy. The bar scene interior was shot at Bonzer's, which is across the street from the Empire Theatre and also served as a barroom location for Dark Highways and Working Nights. In all three movies, Mark Landa played the bartender.

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