Jeff Solylo

Jeff Solylo (b. 1958) is a moviemaker and the creator of East of Euclid (2004). He resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

After graduating from the University of Manitoba’s School of Art, Solylo worked as a Graphic Artist and Photographer before joining the Winnipeg Film Group, where he began working as the Art Director for Guy Maddin’s feature films Tales from the Gimli Hospital, Archangel, and Careful.

Solylo formed his production company, E.K. Soul Productions in 1994 and produced a short film titled Latent Greatness that premiered at the 1995 Vancouver International Film Festival and was also shown at the Sudbury Cinefest, the Atlantic Film Festival and the Local Heroes Film Festival in Edmonton.

Solylo’s first feature-length film, East of Euclid premiered at the 2004 NSI Film Exchange Film Festival in Winnipeg. Since then, the movie has screened at numerous film festivals and received eight awards. East of Euclid was selected “Best Picture,” “Best Comedy,” “Best Screenplay” and “Best Director” by the 2007 Fargo Film Festival. Also in 2007, East of Euclid was selected “Best Foreign Feature” by the 2007 B-Movie Film Festival in Syracuse, New York. In August 2006, East of Euclid was selected “Best Feature Comedy” at The Indie Gathering in Cleveland and “Best Canadian Feature” at the 2006 Calgary Fringe Film Festival. In November 2005, Maria Lamont was selected “Best Supporting Actress” by the 2005 New York International Independent Film Festival for her performance as the perogie-factory worker/B-girl Alexandria.

In 2008, Solylo completed Fear Leaps Out, a short film that was funded by the Winnipeg Film Group to mark the 25th anniversary of their Cinematheque. Solylo is also completing work on a script for his second feature-length film, Trouble in Lockport.


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