Deed i do

Nikki Rodenburg and Ben Gunderson in Deed I Do

Deed I Do (2004) is a short movie created by Colin Froeber and Nikki Rodenburg. It showed publicly during the 2004 2-Minute Movie Contest during the Fargo Film Festival, where it was awarded third place. It was also shown during the first-ever Fargo South High Film Festival.

Main DetailsEdit

Plot SummaryEdit

A deceptively happy young married couple celebrates an anniversary - with deadly intentions.

Production InformationEdit

The movie is set entirely to Blossom Dearie's song Deed I Do.

The plot is loosely based on the 55-word story Death Becomes Them by Minoti Sahu.

The movie was originally created as a first-semester Performing Arts II final at Fargo South High School.

The movie was shot in the dining room and kitchen of the Kapphahn home in Briarwood, North Dakota.

The poisoned drink in the film is actually watered-down chocolate milk.



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