Bagman is a short 16mm film created by Jim Bregi for a class at Minnesota State University Moorhead taught by Ted Larson.

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What is the one thing that we all need? The Bagman knows.

Production InformationEdit

Some scenes were shot at Maak's Vacuum, the store owned by actor Matt Dreiling's father.

Editing for bagman was done in Jim Bregi’s apartment on one of the University’s wet splicers. Since Bregi did not have an editing table or viewer, the reversal stock film was held up to the window and each shot was spooled out and cut off. To keep track of the shots and to prevent them from collecting unspeakable contaminants from the shag carpeting, the film was stuck into the drywall ceiling with push pins through the sprocket holes. The film was viewed for the first time in its first and final edited form at Weld hall. Greg Carlson was the projectionist.



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