AAF Intro Video (2008) 54 sec.

AAF Intro Video (2008) is a short video made by Heidi Gustad and James Semivan for the 2008 Cedar Banks chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Cedar Banks is the name of Michigan State University's AAF chapter.

Main DetailsEdit

Plot SummaryEdit

AAF Intro Video was produced to supplement this year's Cedar Banks campaign for the annual American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). Every year, the NSAC is sponsored by a major corporation. In 2008, the sponsor was AOL/AIM. Cedar Banks's task was to produce a year-long ad campaign for the client/NSAC sponsor to be presented in late April at the regional NSAC competition in the hopes of progressing to the national level. The ad campaign designed by these Michigan State University students is presented directly to AIM executives.

Production InformationEdit

The AAF Intro Video is uesd to introduce the members of Cedar Banks who presented the campaign at the NSAC competition. The video reflects the aesthetic of the ad campaign: collages of images on a white background reflecting aspects of the presenters' personalities and reflecting the Cedar Banks tagline, "Put yourself out there."

The two video producers for Cedar Banks are Heidi Gustad and James Semivan. In addition to this video, they produced an animatic commercial for the campaign presentation.



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