3600 Seconds 2002 Season is a series of episodes of 3600 Seconds.

Cast MembersEdit

Episode 1Edit

  • Opening Music: Le Bracelet by Alain Goraguer and Romeo by Basement Jaxx
In the opening segment, Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shavado tracks down the other characters, who are late to the studio. Bob Hurricane is found wearing a dunce cap in a classroom, Colonel Connell Frigidaire is at home watching cartoons and eating cereal, Fidel Castor-Oil is playing on the slide in a park, Scott Bredell is hanging out in his dumpster home, Slappy MacGillicutty is hitting on two pretty girls, TV's John Stamos is popping bubble wrap, and Izaiah Raskilsonn is playing with tools at a workbench.
During the closing credits, the message "Don't Eat Nuclear Pudding, Because It's Deadly" appears onscreen. The Easter Egg of this episode is footage of Alex Davy digging in a broken television set at Trollwood Park. Davy actually cut his hand during the take, and had to get stitches.

Episode 2Edit

  • Opening Music: Girls on Film by Duran Duran
During the opening credits, the cast members appear as women on the stage of Weld Hall. With the exception of TV's John Stamos, who merely appears as himself in drag, new female characters were created for the episode, including:
Just prior to the closing credit roll, a montage of the cast members shows them tearfully removing their female clothing as they say goodbye to their feminine personas. During the credits, a title appears that reads "Who Wears Short Shorts? We Wear Short Shorts." The Easter Egg is an outtake from the Ex-Men sketch, in which Tucker Lucas fends off attackers with a long staff.

Episode 3Edit

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