2007 Dam Short Film Festival Trailer (2007) 36 sec.

2007 Dam Short Film Festival poster.

The 2007 Dam Short Film Festival was held February 8-11. All the movies were screened at the Boulder American Legion Hall, and the festival also included a moviemaker brunch panel, a seminar covering the Nevada Film Office, an awards night party, and a reception at the Boulder Dam Hotel.

Festival ProgrammingEdit

Thursday, February 8Edit

Documentary: True Life StoriesEdit

Drama A: Life JourneysEdit

Drama B: Growing UpEdit

Showcase A: Nevada DiscoveryEdit

Science Fiction and Horror A: Monster ComedyEdit

Science Fiction and Horror B: Beyond the GraveEdit

Friday, February 9Edit

Drama C: Crimes and MisdemeanorsEdit

Drama D: 21st Century SurrealismEdit

Drama E: International LifeEdit

Comedy A: Comedy UniverseEdit

Showcase B: Best of the Art InstitutesEdit

Showcase C: Nevada Filmmaker FocusEdit

Showcase D: Las Vegas UndergroundEdit

Saturday, February 10Edit

Drama F: Family Time!Edit

Animation: It's a Crazy WorldEdit

Programmers' Picks A: Our Favorite DramaEdit

Encore screenings.

Programmers' Picks B: Our Favorite Science Fiction and HorrorEdit

Encore screenings.

Comedy B: Comedy CrossroadsEdit

Encore screenings.

External LinksEdit

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